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11/03/2016 Daybreak Announces Restructuring of its Balance Sheet

04/23/2015 Daybreak Announces 18% Increase in Proved Reserves

01/29/2015 Daybreak Announces Record Initial Production Rate on New Oil Well in Kentucky

01/12/2015 Daybreak Provides Operational Update

10/10/2014 Daybreak Provides Operational and Financial Update

09/12/2014 Daybreak Continues Oil Well Drilling Success in Kentucky

08/27/2014 Daybreak Amends Loan Agreement to Secure Additional Drilling Capital and Decrease Interest Rate

08/20/2014 Daybreak Provides Operational Update

07/08/2014 Daybreak Announces Continued Production Results in Kentucky

06/12/2014 Daybreak Announces Initial Production Rates on New Kentucky Wells

05/16/2014 Daybreak Continues Success with Ninth Oil Well in Kentucky

04/24/2014 Daybreak Drills its Eighth Consecutive Successful Oil Well in Kentucky

04/22/2014 Daybreak Announces 268% Increase in Proved Oil Reserves

04/09/2014 Daybreak Continues Successful Execution of its Kentucky Development Program

03/27/2014 Daybreak Add another Successful Well to Kick-off 2014 Kentucky Drilling Program

03/26/2014 Daybreak Continues Production Success in Kentucky with Initial Production Rate on the Dwight Dillon H-6 Oil Well

03/20/2014 Daybreak Announces the Start of 2014 Kentucky Drilling Program

02/28/2014 Daybreak Announces Initial Production Rates on the Gerald Grove H-4 and H-5 Oil Wells in Kentucky

01/24/2014 Daybreak Announces Initial Production on the Gerald Grove H-3 Well

12/23/2013 Daybreak Continues Successful Drilling Program with Fifth  Oil Well in Kentucky

12/16/2013 Daybreak Announces Fourth Successful Oil Well in Kentucky

12/04/2013 Daybreak Announces Successful Completion of Two Oil Wells at its California East Slopes Oil Project

11/13/2013 Daybreak Announces Update to the Fall Drilling Program at its East Slopes Oil Project

11/06/2013 Daybreak Announces Successful Start to Fall Drilling Program at East Slopes Project

10/23/2013 Daybreak Announces Third Successful Well in Kentucky / First Production in Kentucky / Updates to Upcoming CA Drilling Program

10/15/2013 Daybreak Announces Second Successful Well in Kentucky / California Updates

09/12/2013 Daybreak Operational Update 9/12/13

09/03/2013 DBRM Acquires Interest in Shallow Horizontal Oil Play in Kentucky

07/18/2013 Daybreak Doubles Oil Production after Successful California Drilling Program

06/20/2013 Daybreak Announces Results of Bear #7 in Successful Drilling Program at California Oil Project

06/10/2013 Daybreak Drills Additional Successful Oil Well at California Oil Project

06/05/2013 Daybreak Announces Production Results From First Two Wells in Development Program At California Oil Project

05/29/2013 Daybreak Drills Two More Successful Wells at California Oil Project

05/20/2013 Daybreak Continues Success at California Oil Project

05/15/2013 Daybreak Announces Second Successful Oil Well

05/07/2013 Daybreak Announces Successful Oil Well – Kicks Off Six Well Drilling Program to Develop California Oil Project

04/23/2013 DBRM Launches Six Well Drilling Project

11/27/2012 Daybreak provides operational update

11/05/2012 Daybreak receives Financing

06/21/2011 Daybreak enters into $3.5 million loan contract

10/28/2010 Daybreak continues exploration success at Dyer Creek Prospect

10/19/2010 Daybreak announces oil discovery at Ball Prospect in East Slope Projet

09/23/2010 Daybreak acquires additional interest in East Slope Project

05/11/2010 Daybreak Oil and Gas provides operational update

04/27/2010 Daybreak drills two more successful wells in Kern County, California

01/08/2010 Daybreak announces successful drilling at East Slopes Project

10/29/2009 Two Triangle Research Analysis Report

10/29/2009 Daybreak announces operational updates at East Slopes Projects

07/21/2009 Daybreak Continues Successful Development at East Slopes Projects

06/11/2009 Daybreak Updates Sunday #2 and Bear #1 at East Slopes Project

06/18/2009 Daybreak Announces New Partner in California Oil Project

03/10/2009 Daybreak announces second oil discovery at East Slopes Project

02/04/2009 Daybreak updates California drilling operations

12/05/2008 Daybreak announces Oil Discovery at East Slopes Prospect-San Joaquin, CA

11/21/2008 Daybreak announces Drilling Operations at it’s East Slope Prospect in California

10/30/2008 Daybreak Oil and Gas Reports Status of California Project

10/23/2008 Daybreak announces appointment of President and Chief Executive Officer

08/01/2008 Daybreak elects Wayne G. Dotson to Board of Directors

07/18/2008 Daybreak financial condition stregthens with reissue of audit opinion

06/16/2008 Daybreak completes $8MM sale of Louisiana properties

06/05/2008 Daybreak releases additiional update sale of Louisiana properties

05/01/2008 Daybreak announces amended 2nd closing on LA Property; Updates California

03/28/2008 Daybreak updates sale of Louisiana properties

03/25/2008 Daybreak elects James F. Meara to Board of Directors

01/22/2008 DBRM sells Tuscaloosa properties for 8M; prepares East Slope for drilling

01/09/2008 Daybreak updates East Slope Progress

12/20/2007 Daybreak Announces Successful A-1 Well Completion; updates F-2 testing

12/20/2007 Daybreak announces Board reorganization

12/17/2007 Daybreak announces management changes

12/13/2007 Daybreak stock quotation moves to Bulletin Board

12/05/2007 Daybreak reaches F2 total depth reach at Tuscaloosa; Prepares to test A1 well

11/28/2007 Daybreak initiates drilling of F-2 Well; Updates A-1 Production testing in LA

10/30/2007 3-D Seismic Program begins on Chevron Joint Venture in California

09/28/2007 Daybreak Oil and Gas Financials

09/25/2007 Daybreak Announces Louisiana Well Update/ Release of Financial Statements

09/21/2007 Daybreak files SEC form 10-Q Quarterly Report

09/21/2007 DBRM Files SEC form 10KSB, Annual Report

09/06/2007 Daybreak continues drilling Anadarko Leasehold

07/17/2007 Daybreak initiates Four Well drilling program

07/12/2007 Daybreak enters agreement with Chevron USA, Inc.

05/19/2007 Daybreak issues first Shareholder Newsletter

04/12/2007 Daybreak opens operations office in Houston

04/12/2007 Daybreak reaches total depths a Krotz Springs

03/21/2007 Daybreak announces Gilbertown, Alabama Project

03/06/2007 Daybreak completes well in Louisiana

01/08/2007 Tim Lindsey joins Daybreak board and Daybreak drills at Krotz Springs

01/03/2007 Daybreak has success in Louisiana

12/14/2006 Daybreak joins oil field project in Alabama

12/13/2006 Daybreak announces drilling results in Louisiana

11/02/2006 Daybreak signs agreement with Anadarko

10/25/2006 Daybreak Partners with Monarch Gulf Exploration, Inc.

10/23/2006 Daybreak to Participate in North Colgrade Prospect

10/12/2006 Daybreak enters Farmin agreement with major oil and gas company

09/08/2006 Daybreak enters into Drilling Rig agreement

08/23/2006 Daybreak initiates Oil and Gas sales in Texas

06/19/2006 Daybreak enters production with completion of F-1 well in NE LA

06/09/2006 Daybreak signs agreement with California Oil and Gas & Aspire Capital

06/06/2006 Daybreak to participate in Louisiana gas project

05/26/2006 Daybreak completes well in Saxet Deep Field

03/30/2006 Daybreak enters Letter of Intent to drill at Krotz Field

03/08/2006 Daybreakleases interest on 28,000 acres in Louisiana

02/21/2006 Daybreak increases AMI size in San Joaquin Basin

01/31/2006 Daybreak signs Letter of Intent for Texas drilling

01/13/2006 Final Depth Reached at Tensas Parish, LA

01/03/2006 Drilling Begins in Louisiana

12/25/2005 Multiple Hydrocarbon Show, Ginny South

12/24/2005 Hydrocarbon Show, Curlee #1, Ginny South